5 Reasons your Business NEEDS Hosted VoIP

1. It’s budget-friendly

Communication is an unavoidable expense, but with Hosted VoIP, bills just look better. The billing for Hosted VoIP and its calls is transparent, as the subscription price is fixed and many include outbound VoIP calls in their pricing. Besides, in most countries, international VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional telephony, which is a vast field of saving opportunities: a company can plan budgets more precisely and capture a broader audience without paying extra.

2. Hosted VoIP is easily scalable and future proof

In analog phone systems, the bandwidth, or the capacity of concurrent calls depends on the physical station and wires. If you need it larger, you need to invite a technician and buy additional hardware. With Hosted VoIP, there is no such headache when a business expands and needs to increase its bandwidth. All it takes is requesting a larger bandwidth from your ISP. Whatever the initial capacity of your Hosted VoIP configuration is, the company is not married to it, as the system is tailored to grow along with the business.

3. You don’t depend on your location

With Hosted VoIP, the office is where a person is located. Even if the employees are in different countries, they have all the tools for working in the same intelligible environment, as they are independent of any hardware. Even the phone is accessible via browser or as a desktop app, so it is good to go with a solid internet connection. Many Hosted VoIP providers offer apps to extend your desk phone to your smart phone and/or laptop.

4. There are many more features that come along

Hosted VoIP systems do not limit your options to voice calls only. They are way smarter. Modern Hosted VoIP systems allow you to track your progress, analyze CDRs, and help managers improve agents’ performance. Yes, many Hosted VoIP systems are simply packed with extra features: routing, forwarding, listening, and recording calls, system integration, voicemail and fax to email conversion, location switching, and many more. A traditional phone system cannot compete in this field.

5. It is easy to maintain and operate

People who develop such systems are serious technical professionals. Hosted VoIP can be easy to use without any specific background. Yes, there is some onboarding needed, but it is extremely smooth, and all the settings are usually made by the provider. Its interface is never too complicated for a call center agent or manager to handle. It is intuitive, simple, and sometimes even fun, depending on the provider you pick.

These are the major reasons why it is best for businesses to use a Hosted VoIP system instead of traditional telephony. However, there are other advantages you will feel and see in your efficiency reports once you switch to one.

So, why not give it a shot?

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